Pennies For Hitler

In room 8 we recreated a  scene from a book called Pennies For Hitler by Jackie French. My group chose the scene where the  character called Georg had to try and fit into a suitcase, he had to go to his Aunt Miriam and had to stay with her for a while because he was a Jew. Choosing this scene was sad  because I was  shocked that Georg was to be separated from his  family. The part that I enjoyed was when we were creating with the clay.

MY profile

Malo lelei My name is Jacob.

I am 13 years old and i am a year 8 at saint patrick’s.

My mum is tongan and my dad is tongan and other cultures

My favouite sport is rugby and soccer.

I like doing Tongan dance and I like watching the NRL.I also love my Mum’s Tongan cooking.If you want to se My work come back to this Blog to see more of my amazing work.


Anger Anger feels like Letting your rage out A clenched fist Blood, salty sweat Growling and yelling Rough and hot Like a red face Anger smells like danger Like air Shouting and screaming Painful and hurtful  Madness and crazy actions of destruction 


This week Monique and stacay came to class and presented book.we learnt that its ok to cry and  that life can be and moody stormy with waves of Emotions but to rember the sun will always come back And shine.



On my first day at school in New Zealand a loving lady helped and took me to school. I was very shy, I didn’t know how to speak english. They were saying different words. I was learning to speak English in the library as I was reading. In the library I feel happy. I hear the rustling sound of pages moving.The library is filled with books. I am feeling excited. 

During break time I watched the boys playing rugby.I hear the hard hit of bodies and I see a lot of running and passing  of the rugby ball.I feel excited to get out on the field.