Year: 2022


Anger Anger feels like Letting your rage out A clenched fist Blood, salty sweat Growling and yelling Rough and hot Like a red face Anger smells like danger Like air Shouting and screaming Painful and hurtful  Madness and crazy actions of destruction 


This week Monique and stacay came to class and presented book.we learnt that its ok to cry and  that life can be and moody stormy with waves of Emotions but to rember the sun will always come back And shine.



On my first day at school in New Zealand a loving lady helped and took me to school. I was very shy, I didn’t know how to speak english. They were saying different words. I was learning to speak English in the library as I was reading. In the library I feel happy. I hear the rustling sound of pages moving.The library is filled with books. I am feeling excited. 

During break time I watched the boys playing rugby.I hear the hard hit of bodies and I see a lot of running and passing  of the rugby ball.I feel excited to get out on the field.  



As we went on the Palapa. I felt sea sick. We had trouble. The engine broke down, we were drifting in the ocean. When morning came we were still alive. When we were in the waves on our broken boat there was a plane that went past and we wrote ‘SOS’ … that means Save Our Souls. The plane came back but it didn’t see us. At that moment people were arguing and screaming and crying. Eventually we were rescued by the Tampa. All we took was the clothes on our backs. We asked, “please take us to Australia, our lives are at risk.”

We spent ten days on the Tampa. The Australian Government didn’t want us. 



In the middle of the night I heard my mum calling my name. She said to pack your bags. As we were packing I could hear the zipping and  rustling of bags and clothes. As we left the apartment we headed to the bus.I heard the engine start.I felt the soft seat in the bus.  I could taste the taste of gas and oil.  And I saw oil leaking from the front of the bus.I could taste a gas and oil taste.Then I could smell a gas smell.